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We believe that every couple and every wedding is different.  We will work with you to come up with a service plan that fits your needs.  
Our Process

We start every relationship with a conversation all about you!   We believe that conversation is the key to getting the ball rolling in the right direction  We discover where you are at in the planning process and how much are you realistically able to handle on your own.   There is no one size fits all to weddings.  Every couple will have different areas that need support.  After our initial  consultation,  we will send you a plan that we believe is right for your needs!  Our proposals are flexible and can be upgraded as needed. 

Out of Town / out of country Clients

Banff and Lake Louise weddings are an iconic choice for your destination wedding.

Brilliant Events is situated in Calgary Ab however we are licensed to do business with in the town of Banff.

We communicate remotely with out of town clients with  Whatsapp or Messenger. We are also able to process payments from us  international clients.  We set appointments based on your time zone and schedule.  Feel free to contact us to set up a time to chat.


We use our planning packages below as a guideline to building you a fair and accurate proposal for your services.  We offer bonuses and incentives to well organized and decisive couples!  Take a look and let us know what you think suites your needs best

Carte Blanche

All inclusive plan that covers everything except for venue fees and food and beverage.  We determine a detailed budget breakdown based on our first initial meeting and a following consultation with budget break down.  Your wedding is planned end to end  with all details designed around your desired experience and tastes. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy the excitement of your engagement!


We can always tweak any details that you feel need to be adjusted.

Starting budget for this service is  $15,000

Brilliant Full Planning

We are there every step of the way to help you with the full planning and activation of your wedding.  We will present you with the best vendors to choose and sign a contract with based on your budget and vision for your wedding day.  You do not need to worry about any logistics for the day or how it will run. We will develop those details with your and bring them  forth to make your wedding day unforgettable!

Starting cost is $4500

Bespoke Partial Planning

If you have started the ball rolling on your wedding plans but have lost momentum or become lost overwhelmed with choices, we are here to help.  We help you regain traction and pick up where you left off.  This package is also fantastic for those couples who only want to plan the parts of the wedding they enjoy.  We will gladly handle the hard, confusing, boring parts!  (Remember we love it all!)

Starting cost is  $3000

Best Day Ever  

You have done a fantastic job of planning your wedding.  You have done research on most of the vendors and are feeling great about your choices.  You have a pretty good idea of how your day will go and you need some to make sure nothing derails while you are sipping mimosas and getting your makeup done. Brilliant events will work with you during the months leading up to your wedding to insure all your efforts made planning come together seamlessly!

Average price $900 to $1600 with incentives applied, depending on needs.

Set up and take down

All hands on deck!  Sometimes weddings take place in venues that are not full service. Not every couple has an army of helping hands ready to pitch in. Maybe you just can’t bring yourself to ask your guests to do lifting, moving unpacking and packing, loading and unloading, decorating, fluffing, setting, assembling etc.  We have a crew of experts for all of that! Let us help!

Custom quoted based on estimated hours required.

Elopements and Micro Weddings

If you are planning to skip the fanfare and just get married, We have great options for you!  Romantic mountain elopement packages that range from luxurious to just the basics

Micro weddings are small celebrations of 25 people or less. They are still lovely and can be made special with personalized or packaged options

Custom quoted based on estimated hours required.

Design and Decor

You may have a vision in your minds eye of how your wedding will look and feel for yourselves and your guests. How does this vision become a reality?

Your taste is beyond matching chair sashes and table runners. How do you put your personal style into a wedding?

You may have a million ideas saved on a Pinterest board. How do you make the work all together?

You may have changed your mind several times already and need some guidance in the decisions area. How do you know what’s the best choice?

You may be are completely lost or indifferent on the visual décor side of things. Of course you want the wedding to look good, but what is trendy these days or classic and timeless?

Décor and design consultations are a fantastic add on to your services.

(Already included in Carte Blanche and Brilliant Full Planning)

Starting price $500 for 2 consultations, style discovery and studio mock up session.

"Best  Honour" for Hire

This service is for those couples that need a little extra help to make sure their pre-wedding events go off without a hitch! We get it, planning all the pre-wedding get togethers can take hours and not everyone has time to coordinate, especially if you have big plans - like a trip or a weekend retreat. Sometimes your chosen Best man or Maid of Honor needs a little support. Our budgeting, favours, per-guest payment plans and custom itineraries eliminate the headache so you and your gang can enjoy!

Custom quoted based on estimated hours required.

Epic Marriage Proposals

If you're an all-in kind of guy or gal, let our team make sure your proposal is one for the books.  You could "Just wing it"  or you could have actual sparks flying and a jaw dropping YES!

We have lots of ideas of our own, but we'd be happy to customize your dream proposal too. We live for life's special little moments, so let us help you pull off something truly special. Contact us to chat particulars.

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